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Farmers | FAQ

Q. How long will my order take to manufacture?

Most orders take between 15 & 20 working days to manufacture. They are then shipped to our manufacturing partners workshop for assembly. This shipping can take up to a week dependant upon where you are.

What are FARMERS components made of?

All FARMERS components are manufactured from a combination of Natural Timber, Natural Timber Veneer, Highly Moisture Resistant Fibreboard & the highest quality glues, paints, stains & lacquers.

Does FARMERS manufacture bathrooms, laundries, furniture etc?

Anything that can be considered cabinetry can be built using FARMERS components. Please speak to your designer or cabinet maker.

How do I care for my FARMERS kitchen doors etc?

You will find Service & Care instructions for your FARMERS product under the ABOUT menu item on the website.

Does FARMERS do projects anywhere in Australia?

FARMERS is available anywhere in Australia through your local cabinet maker or kitchen manufacturer.

How do I get a quote for a FARMERS kitchen?

Your local cabinet maker or kitchen manufacturer is able to give you a quote for your project. Please contact FARMERS direct & we can recommend a company as close as possible to your location.

Are there any displays near where I live?

Just see our showrooms page on this site.

Q. How much are FARMERS kitchens compared to 2 pack?

Approximately 20% more.

Q. Can I order direct?

No - Go to your local approved "professional" Cabinet Maker.

Q. What if the quote I receive is too much $$$?

Ask for a 2 pack quote to compare! It should be 20% less. Get another quote based on this knowledge. Remember the exact design and additions should only be 20% more than the 2 pack quote. Apples for Apples!