The Farmers Doors Brand was built from our ability to provide quality and timeless timber joinery.

Our doors are Handmade from beautiful Australian sourced Hoop Pine and American White Oak veneer. Our signature Five-piece Doors (and multi-panel joinery) are constructed in a traditional way by adding stiles and rails to create the profile, allowing for expansion of the product due to climate variations throughout the year. Therefore join lines are an essential Farmers Standard with a variable acceptance for said join lines. Farmers does not consider an open joint line a defect or a quality issue.

Farmers prides itself on the extensive product research we continue to undertake to better the end product. While our unique paint finish has endured rigorous, heat; freeze; stain; and hard wearing testing; if not maintained using Farmers Care and Cleaning guidelines we cannot guarantee a break down in the finish over time.

Farmers use specialised additives to their paint finishes to ensure longevity however all finishes are vulnerable to slight discolouration due to airborne particles such as cooking, grilling, smoke, fireplaces, candles and more. Prolonged exposure to natural or artificial light and/or moisture may alter the finish colour as well. Natural Timber has also been known to oxidise over time under the paint finish causing a slight mellowing effect.

Touch up or replacement items completed after installation may not result in an exact match due to discolouration.

While Farmers products are constructed with brand new materials, our Traditional profiles requested in a Signature OR Solid colour will receive a delicate “stressing” which is Farmers way of mimicking the natural wear and aging by highlighting the effects of character that occurs with traditional timber joinery.

Although we have a system to ensure “stressing” is relatively uniform, it is important to understand that no single piece can be exactly duplicated by this inherently beautiful craft, the process of stressing every piece is truly unique. There will be slight variations between pieces which is inherent in the process and is the beauty of the art of stressing; that has been performed for thousands of years, both naturally & handmade.

Farmers Signature colours are a two component process made up of a Dulux base colour and a beautiful Patina mist which is delicately hand sanded back to enhance the natural timber grain and provide a vintage feel together with a slight rub through here and there.

The Patina will highlight the above mentioned “stressing” to showcase this unique technique. Farmers has a light, medium and heavy Patina, if the original signed sample is not received by Farmers, we cannot guarantee the Patina and Rub through level can be duplicated due to the slight weight variances in those hand sanding. No item is exactly the same, this is the beauty of Farmers. We Hand make our doors, providing ‘one of a kind’ and truly unique cabinetry.

General and basic characteristics within wood species are consistent; however, there are many variables in growth and appearance resulting from the local soil and climate conditions that occur naturally. Hence, the wider the growth range; the greater the variance in many of the natural characteristics of harvested timber. As a result, these natural variations can appear throughout your cabinetry, even within the same panel. Mineral streaks can appear as streaks of black, green, red or white, even though we hand pick our veneer leaf’s we cannot avoid such beauty.

Grain patterns can vary from a light grain to an irregular or “curly” grain. These variations are very attractive, occur naturally, and are considered a desired effect. It is important to understand the timber used to create your completed joinery project may have a different appearance to those of a small sample or a different project. This is part of what makes your choice in Farmers; truly a unique and natural product, especially when you choose a stained finish that highly exhibits the natural grain in the timber.

Farmers offers the option to purchase a sample door in your desired Solid colour, Signature two tone finish and a number of specially formulated Farmers Stains. It needs to be noted that samples and final projects alike will be manufactured as close to the requested/ approved finish as possible.

Requested Solid formulated colour samples can appear slightly different to that of a Paint Manufacturers swatch sample, being our base material is timber and theirs is paper together with the different in gloss levels and our 2pac Waterborne paint system.