Sustainability / Green Products

We select the best, sustainable natural timber at our local forest

Not: Poly Vinyl Chloride / PVC
Not: Plastic Melamine
Not: 60/70% VOC 2 Pack Polyurethane
Not : ABS Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

Why promote and specify global warming chemical based artificial looking plastic wood products for human interior home when you can choose Farmers Doors?

With a little extra care and insight, Farmers Doors offer you naturally sustainable quality in your family home.

Sustainability / Green Products

Environmentally Friendly

For our home – planet Earth, we try to tread gently into our precious forests to help reflect our responsibility within your project.

By treading lightly at this crucial point, with Farmers enriched knowledge of almost 50 years, our dreams, inspirations and aspirations are driven to always improve. And to bring less impact to our precious planet. Natural Timber veneer yields up to 43 times less impact to our precious forests. Farmers only select the best and reject the rest. We can make a difference together by making eco -friendly choices today.

Farmers is an Australian owned company, established in 1975, we have been producing high quality doors, panels and decorative features to create uniquely beautiful projects.

Why choose us!

Flexibility and choice. Everything is made to order. Your theme of choice, from Provincial, Hamptons, Country or something more modern can be carried through your project. As all of our production takes place in our factory, we have close quality control over the production process, from production to painting. We have you covered!

A meticulous online to CNC ordering system is actioned, combined with hand crafted skills that no machine but only humans can achieve. Grain texture of timber is like a colour in itself.

But above all, we are committed to providing an environmentally sustainable and responsible product. Never before have consumers cared so deeply about the environmental impacts of the products they use. In these environmentally conscious times, concerned consumers are coming to realize that timber veneer products offer a breath of fresh air by giving them the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are using an environmentally friendly building material.

Our eco- friendly secret lies in the core of our doors. For this we only use Australian produced E zero, HMR, MDF board. What does that mean? Well, E Zero MDF is a low formaldehyde emitting MDF product. It has a formaldehyde emission of less than 0.5mg/L. This is lower than the current Australian standard. On top of that the MDF we use is highly moisture resistant. That means it is not only SAFE for you and your family because of the low emissions and its eco friendly nature, but its also highly durable. Farmers innovations have been driven by extensive research and developments in a desire to focus on the best quality available in all aspects of improvement for you.

For our Traditional and American Oak doors, this core is then enclosed in Natural Timber Veneer. This is the key to the genuine beauty of the Farmers product. Why do we us veneer? Well, solid timber is subject to expansion and contraction owing to changes in temperature and humidity making it unsuitable for use with modern fixtures and fittings such as soft close drawers.

Our desire for you is to keep creating solid timber looking items cleverly made by hybrid, timber and veneer combinations with extreme natural uniqueness that man made plastics and prints cannot.

Timber Veneer, though, has been utilized for centuries all over the world. This technique yields all positive features of solid timber, while maximizing the use of harvested wood. One cubic metre of log produces around 1000m squared of veneer making it the finest use if fine timbers. The natural variation of timber also means each project is individual – no two veneers are exactly alike. Timber veneer add eco friendly warmth to a project. It is a sustainable resource, reusable, recyclable, completely biodegradable and it actually stores carbon. Growing trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store the carbon so efficiently that about half the dry weight of the tree is carbon. This carbon remains locked up in the wood for life, even when we use it for veneer. Also, when compared to other materials such as vacuumed formed vinyl, polyvinyl chloride, laminate made from melamine resins and formaldehydes being toxic man-made chemicals. Our production of timber veneer uses far little energy and so is a friendly choice for you.

We seal your finished product on all sides using an environmentally friendly low emission paint system. Our pure Waterbourne paint system – industrial chemist recommended a crucial humidity and temperature controlled drying booth.

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When choosing Farmers for your next eco friendly kitchen project you can be assured that you are making a quality investment, backed by a 7 year guarantee. You are also supporting a proud Australian company that is continually innovating and is committed to being at the forefront of green production.

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