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Do you like the uncluttered clean lines of a contemporary kitchen? Well, there is no need to sacrifice on quality with FARMERS.
We can create your dream stylish and functional kitchen with a classic look, which will compliment any modern home and look as fresh and new as the day it was installed for years to come.

We are an Australian family owned and operated business, which has been creating beautiful, environmentally friendly kitchens for people right around Australia and New Zealand since 1975.

A beautiful, well-designed contemporary FARMERS kitchen will enhance your lifestyle and make entertaining a breeze. Maximising bench space and storage are of paramount importance. To eliminate clutter and allow the cabinetry and bench tops to be the main feature, appliances such as the dishwasher and fridge can virtually disappear by being built in flush with adjoining cabinetry.

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With its simple lines, our Virginia door style is ideal for a contemporary style of kitchen.

Our kitchens are made to order, so that whether you are building or renovating, you can create exactly what you want without limit. FARMERS doors are compatible with all of the modern functionality, for example soft close and handle-less push to open the door.

There are 2 Farmers doors that suit this style.





Or, if space permits, why not consider incorporating a butler’s pantry or scullery into your design? Traditionally a room in a grand house used to store glassware, cutlery and other serving items, increasingly it is being created in a modern home. This provides a useful additional kitchen for housing food items and all of the small appliances, as well as for food preparation, allowing the main kitchen to be kept sleek and tidy.

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An important element that sets FARMERS kitchens apart is colour choice.

With our Any 1 colour system, you can have your kitchen in any colour you like, from any paint company, to exactly match your décor and taste. For example, Dulux Antique White USA has been a popular choice of late. For a splash of colour and visual interest in the kitchen, many customers have then chosen to have their island bench or bank of overhead cupboards painted in a contrasting colour, from blue to espresso.

But it is not only colour choice that sets a FARMERS kitchen apart, it is also the quality of our paint finish. We can match any colour, and rather than producing a lifeless flat two-pack finish that is prone to chipping, FARMERS Waratah, Provincial & Virginia style doors are completely coated in a 2 part waterborne paint finish, which penetrates the door to subtly reveal the underlying natural timber grain, creating not only dimension, but a silky and durable satin finish. Even in a contemporary setting, with a FARMERS kitchen in the colour of your choice you get something very special, the subtle hint of the natural beauty of the timber that lies beneath.

So why not contact us for a free booklet today.

We will be happy to put you in touch with a recommended cabinetmaker in your area to discuss your specific requirements, and together you can create your own modern FARMERS kitchen masterpiece.

The FARMERS team are ready and able to create your stylish modern kitchen with an undeniable sense of wow that will exceed your imagination, but not your investment.




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