Farmers Oak – An Impressive Standout

We at Farmers are always trying to get ahead of the trends and our start to the new year is no different.
As you may have noticed – the trends of 2018/2019 have been particularly highlighting those natural timber grains when it comes to cabinetry. Whether it is somewhat textured grain, or even that subtle, smooth grain – it is becoming a highly impressive piece of art in a home.

Approximately 2 years ago, Farmers were inspired by these trends and started to immediately create our unique Weathered, Natural and Rougher Cut Oak doors. Unlike other products available currently on the market our product does not use any plastic products. What does that mean? Well the feel of our products and the range of colour choices available simply can’t be replicated. When compared to “similar” products on the market you will immediately notice the amount of passion, craftsmanship, time and investment dedicated to our Oak collection Range.

Does that mean that we have stepped away from our Traditional/French Provincial Farmers look? Absolutely NOT! We are adding to our available ranges and it makes us as a team extremely happy knowing that we are able to accommodate your dreams when it comes to your home!
Bring it forward to today, and the team here at Farmers are excited to announce that our range is growing! How, you may ask? With our 2 different door profiles, you are able to choose between having that door in the textured Weathered American Oak, the smooth Natural American Oak and something a little bit different,

– Farmers Rougher Cut American Oak. And guess what?? Just to wet your appetite that little bit more, YOU have the flexibility of choosing ANY colour!

Yes, you just read that correctly. Choose a colour – ANY colour! But wait…….there is more. We have some exciting news that will be released next month….so stay tuned!

Farmers now plan to do a monthly blog discussing our products in full detail, provide you with as much information as possible and also share our exciting journey along with you all. We hope you enjoy our monthly updates!

-The Farmer Team

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