Oak Range Sample Doors


Choose from three different textures in Natural American Oak: Weathered, Natural and Rougher Cut.
All Weathered Oak options are available in Any1 colour. Natural and Rougher Cut are  available in Any1 colour and our signature colour series ( See Signature Colours).

You are able to choose the following profiles.

•Shaker   •Slimlined   •Bevelled Shaker   •Planked    •Slab         

Shaker = option to have either 22mm or 13mm thicknesses.
Slimlined & Planked = 22mm thickness
Bevelled Shaker = 23mm thickness
Slab = option to either have 19mm or 10mm thicknesses.

Sample Size = 275mm (h) x 215mm (w) x 21mm (d)

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