Deluxe Package

What you will receive:

Deluxe Package

This is our full interior design and project management service for our discerning clients.

(Recommended for Sydney residents)

This 9 stage design process package starts from $5,000

We recommend a free 15-minute discovery call to find out if we are a good fit.

Next Steps:

Once you have spoken to our Design Director and we are happy to proceed on this journey:

The initial consultation fee to kick off the process is: $825.00.

You will be sent a link to settle your invoice and book in your Stage I Initial Consultation with our Design Director Cate.

About Our 9 Stage Design Process

The 9 stages are divided into 3 distinct phases:

Phase 1: Discovery call with Design Director - this phase includes the first three stages o[ the design process and allows CdM Interiors to learn about the client and their needs.

Stage 1: Initial Consultation

  • Sharing with clients How We Work
  • Obtaining a detailed brief
  • Composing a thorough Scope of Work
  • Creating a proposal and fee estimate

Stage 2: Briefing, Concept & Budget

  • Compiling & Presenting Initial Concepts
  • Analysing and documenting the site/existing conditions
  • Reviewing the budget and timeframe

Stage 3: Team Introductions

  • Allocating and introducing team
  • Creating and presenting the Design Program - timeline.

Phase 2: Design - this phase is where CdM Interiors takes initial concepts and ideas into actual designs and documentation. By the end of this phase, the client has everything they need for construction to begin; including accurate costings.

Stage 4: Design Development & Preliminary Estimation

  • Finalising designs
  • Finalising material and specifications
  • Finalise fittings & fixtures specification
  • Updating Budget & Timeframe

Stage 5: Documentation Package

  • Documenting schematic designs 3D
  • Documenting schematic designs 3D
  • Creating Documentation Package

Stage 6: Tender & Estimation

  • Obtaining and reviewing tenders
  • Finalising costs

Phase 3: Implementation - once contracts have been signed between clients and contractors and construction begins, CdM Interiors moves to a design management role; overseeing trades to make sure the designs come to life as intended, on time and on budget.

Stage 7: Design Management

  • Facilitating the formal engagement of external parties
  • Updating timelines
  • Following up orders and invoices
  • Managing construction and manufacture
  • Scheduling Deliveries

Stage 8: Client Handover Quality Control

  • Managing faults and discrepancies
  • Handover

Stage 9: Follow Up

INVESTMENT: This package starts from $5,000


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